Throwbag rope caracteristics

See what kind of throwbag ropes You find on the market. If you already have one: check which category it fits in and get to know a bit more about.

Coreless Polypropylene Rope

Strength 8mm:cca. 4kN

Abrasion test (see it here):  destroyed in 3 sec.


Core: no core



general comment: sorrily there are plenty of thowbag ropes without core on the market. Producers have lower production costs but does not mean you pay less. Your rope will be extremely weak and non durable. the advantage is: light and small. My advice is: Try to avoid these!


Shock absorbing high stretch Polypropylene ropes 

Strength 8mm: cca 5-7 kN

Abrasion test (see it here): destroyed in 3-8 sec

Cover: Polypropylene, stretchy braiding

Core: Polypropylene, stretchy braiding

Stretch: extremely high


general comment: the idea behind the stretch is to avoid the "big pull" when catching a swimmer. To use mechanical advantage or simply pull some pinned material is almost impossible. My experience is that even rescuing swimmers makes it a "Catapult". After absorbing the energy it gives it back. i personally would never use again, they are like bungee ropes.


Polypropylene Rope

(double braided and kernmantle)

Strength 8mm: cca 8kN

Abrasion test (see it here): 5-10 sec.

Cover: Polypropylene

Core: Polypropylene

Stretch: relative low


general comment: good ropes on the market, compared to the ones before, these are worth to buy.

Syntec and Spectra ropes (including dyneema)

Strength 8mm: cca. 16-20 kN

Cover: Polypropylene


Stretch: relative low


Abrasion test (see it here): 10 sec

general comments:expensive double priced ropes. If You have the money buy it! Still the biggest damage on ropes is caused by abrasion, so it gets damaged easily just like the other ropes due to the Polypropylene cover. It does not give you a longer life or better resistance against abrasion, just a higher tensile strength.


WWTc Ropes

Strength 7.8mm: 15kN (knotted 10kN)

Abrasion test (see it here):  60 sec+

Cover: Polypropylene/Polyester

Core: Polypropylene



general comment: more durable and resistant rope. The Polyester in the cover gives an effective protection from abrasion. Due too our last improvements in 2020 WWTC ropes are even better than before. We gave 50% more strength and much better abrasion resistance.