Working together with recycling

 engineers and artists of Medence Re+Concept we started to produce unique and beautiful custom waist carry systems made from recycled banners.

- unique throwbags coming soon


Social Responsibilty and Waste Management





Leftover ropes we use for building little adventure parks for small kids: rope bridges and spider nets. At the moment there are 2 public locations: Local Kindergarden in the village of Nagykovacsi and a public field in the neighborhood.  

We care about the environment


We are motivated to make durable throwbags to last as long as possible, aiming for many years.


We made rope replacement available so you do not need to change the whole product.


We use no packaging, no labels.


We ship products in re-used carton boxes. We collect carton boxes from the street on recycle day from neighbors'. Don't get surprised if you receive your WWTc products in a box of diapers or lawn mowers. 


Minimize carbon emission!

This is your task. Do not order the bags one by one,

but share shipping with your raft guide, kayaker and rescue friends. 

You are not only saving money on shipping, but reducing carbon emission for Mother Earth.