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Reflective Rope




From 2021

Available as an upgrade 

HERO - the new 75 feet throwbag


From 2021 

New middle-size throwbag with waist carry sytem. Size between the Classic and the Craft.

Available with wwtc ropes of:

- 23m/8mm (75feet, 5/16)

- 25m/8mm (82feet, 5/16)

- 20m/9mm (66feet, 3/8)

Working together with recycling

 engineers and artists of Medence Re+Concept we started to produce unique and beautiful custom waist carry systems made from recycled banners.

- unique throwbags coming soon


See WWTc's Environment Policy here

Stronger rope

In 2020 ISO certified Lanex Rope Factory developed a new rope for WWTC, giving +50% strength and better abrasion resistance to our ropes, so we have changed our ropes.


WWTc Rescue Rope 7.8mm

Tensile Strengh:   14kN (3000 lb)

WWTc Rescue Rope 9.3mm

Tensile Strengh:   21kN (4600 lb)


Thwart bag modifications

- Integrated throwbag carry system as a side pocket

- Adjustable strap system with 3 options: 

A. Thwartbag on quickrelease

B. Spare paddle on quickrelease

C. Additional gear on quickrelease