Features and Specs


WWTc Throwbag
WWTc Throwbag

Carabiner pocket

Model PRO does not have this feature.

It is handy to have a carabiner at the end of your throwbag.

if it is in a padded pocket, it prevents to hurt anyone.

Do not forget to show your mates before going on the river that you have this pocket, otherwise they might get confused looking for the end of your rope when in stress.

WWTc Rescue Rope carry system
WWTc Rescue Rope carry system

Waist Carry System

  - Safe, Comfortable and Quick to access -


Most of the whitewater professionals agree to have a rope on ourself when on water. Does not really help to have a rope on the raft or in he kayak when we get separated from it.

I found this the best availalble carry system. The compact bag on your waist does not disturb you when running swimming or climbing onto the craft, not like other solutions when the bag is flopping around. I have seen many throwbag lost from

different waist carry systems.

This one is equiped with a high quality quick release buckle. Make sure you close this buckle properly. So if You need you release but it stays on when it needs to. Also the closing cap does not allow the rope to escape from the bag, so you are safe from your own rope twistting around your body while in the water.

It feels much better to run and swim around in a rescue not worriing about loosing your rope...

- Best quality clips, including quick release

- big 360 degree reflective areas for night use

- durable and high visibility materials

- unique rope design

- Throwbag made of one single piece of textile that gives no room for quick tear&wear, but is extremely durable!   



Glow Stick attachement

for night operations




Reflective Rope

available as an upgrade from 2021

Rope Specs

Our special rope construction is extremely resistant on abrasion and dirt compared to other floating ropes.

River rescue ropes generally break or get damaged due to abrasion or age (Sun, water, gravel). Tensile strength get little effect on the abrasion damage. We tested dyneema core ropes but got week results on abrasion tests and knot-ability. We stayed with our special combo of Polyester and Polypropylene. see rope tests here...


WWTC custom ropes are now produced in Europe by Lanex (ISO certified) including the Ropes and the rope fibers as well. 2020 gave us the chance to develop our ropes further giving +50% strengh and better abrasion resistance.


See more information about WWTC Rope and Lifespan here...