About us

At the WWTc we are using throwbags all the time. Also while teaching people how to use it we were facing the limitations of the current products. There are some good ropes out there but there was no suitable carry system. Christian Morice from Chile was producing great selfmade throwbags in Italy, then he moved back oversee. Then i realized i will never receive my throwbag order from him. So suddenly there was no other choice for our school but producing our own throwbags.

Morice's throwbag was our starting point when we started the innovation, then with little changes we made it even better so it fulfills prefectly our needs.

I believe we created an amazing and functional rescue tool with cool design. With continuos development we make our throwbags better each year.



Gaspar Goncz

Whitewater Training Center

IRF Assessor

Rescue 3 Instructor