New-school whitewater throwbags equipped with special waist-carry-system and/or with carabiner pockets. All bags and carry-systems are provided with reflective inserts for better visibility. 

WWTC Pro 15 Throwbag

- 8mm, 15m rescue rope with reflective inserts sold with and without waist-carry-system.

Ideal for kayakers, raft racers and raft guides.


WWTC Classic 18 and 20 Throwbag

 - 8mm, 18m rescue rope with carabiner pocket and reflective inserts sold with and without waist-carry-system.

Ideal for raft guides, whitewater- and rescue professionals.


WWTC Craft 23,27, 30 and 30-Expedition Throwbag

 - 4 versions of big throwbags with carabiner pocket and reflective inserts, 
with and without waist-carry-system.

Ideal for raft guides as a carry-on for the raft and also ideal for rescue professionals.


Adjustable Flip-line Pocket

- to put on the WWTC throwbag waist belts in the position you prefer

- to carry Flip-line or pulleys/prussics and carabiners

- an optional feature for your WWTC rope system


WWTC Raft Thwart Bag

to carry your gear on the raft

- Pelicase/First aid kit/
Hypothermia pack

- water bottle

- wrap kit, extra ropes and carabiners




Fox 40 Rescue Whistle

- 115dB

- the best whistle for whitewater, recommended both for professional- and recreational users.